IIMT Studies Ltd, UK has been established to take the education and learning to the next level. IIMT Studies UK’s focus remains on developing and offering Industry Oriented curriculums especially for Manufacturing, Projects, Service & Retail industries. The unique part of IIMT Studies UK ‘s educational & learning programs is that all educational curriculum & learning modules have received the inputs from the Corporate Professionals of respective industries. The programmes are research oriented programs having a massive impact on the world’s potential job market.

IIMT Studies Ltd, of The United Kingdom, is the associate organization of the world leading education brand IIMT Studies which is the 4th ranked eLearning institute in India with a proven track record of 10 years in educational & skill- competency building. The parent organization IIMT Studies India has added value to the career progression of more than 15000 satisfied students across 45 nations; aiming to promote quality Blended Learning programs for working professionals established in different parts of the world. The industry education concept which developed by the institution has proved its worth over the last ten years in the global education market. The extended wing of the institution in London inspires the Management and Engineering courses through the mode of eLearning / Portal learning with fully automated learning delivery concept. The upcoming plan also aims to be the most popular eLearning brand of the Country.

After its establishment in October 2018, within the six months of span, the institution has initiated the journey towards its aim and collaborated with India’s premier University - The MS University Baroda and signed the papers with it’s the Faculty of Social work department for Advanced Professional Industry Oriented certification programmes in their campus in India. The institution has also signed with the BRICS International forum to promote the education in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa). IIMT’s Business Profile has become a book to study.