Joint Certification Programme
with Gujarat University

The education is no more a process of learning or cramming theoretical concepts, globally. It is more about developing competence, confidence and collaborative approach so that the student can contribute to the bottom line of the organization. Realizing this trend in education, Gujarat University has now come up in the Online Courses of Personal Competency Enhancement. Gujarat University approved the international curriculum of IIMT Studies UK, which offers corporate culture taught to the students of the university along with their existing programme on an online learning platform to hone the Students’ managerial and leadership competence and make them corporate ready. The aim of developing this programme is to provide exposure to the corporate environment and work culture, and also to help the students acquire the skills and competence required to fit into this corporate environment. Gujarat University signed the MoU of this course on 16 May 2019 with IIMT Studies Ltd UK, approved three modules on 19 November 2019.

IIMT Studies Ltd UK is an organization with ten years of expertise as a group in developing and delivering Internationally accreditated blended learning programmes on a virtual platform. Gujarat University is offering these courses as the Joint Certificate Course of both the institutions at the fee of INR 3700 or £ 45 per module. At the end of every module, a few selected students will visit the IIMT Studies UK and learn the advance curriculum in London. The faculties for this programme are hand-picked with rich and relevant experience and expertise of the corporates in India and the United Kingdom. This course of Gujarat University aims to sharpen Corporate, Managerial and Leadership Skills of students, which are must to be successful managers and leaders. While the academic programmes of Gujarat University make students efficient through theoretical knowledge in the respective domain, this online programme will prepare students efficiently through Holistic Development Plan. The programme is offered in 3 modules and first batch will commence from 7 January 2020.

We are delighted to collaborate with Gujarat University for supporting them in making the students market-ready through the Joint certification courses. We are also glad to see that Gujarat University is one of the largest universities in India, and have maintained it’s international benchmarking well with such kind of initiatives for the students’ betterment.

The role IIMT Studies is not limited to teaching global education to the students online, but, we will ensure that the students learning is aligned with their placements too. We will cover up the global placement parameters and will ensure that the students are learning effective and meaningful education.

I thank the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and appreciate the decision of the University to collaborate with IIMTS UK and starting with the exclusively global syllabus for the students.

I wish a stroke of great luck to the learners of this course.

“- Manoj R Thakkar”

” Chairman”

“IIMT Studies Ltd. United Kingdom”

Rapid changes in society have left a profound impact on the role universities will be playing in future. Education is going to create an interconnected and borderless world of the new millennium. The world will value only those students and professionals who are mentored by eminent academics and industry stalwarts and who continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills through global educational and development programmes. Keeping this in mind, I envision Gujarat University to undergo a transition from Speciality to Versatility. To meet these challenges we, at Gujarat University, decided to build on the alliances and collaborative partnerships with the global experts in different fields and arena. In our endeavour to find our global collaborative partners, we could find IIMT Studies Ltd., UK as our global partner in Holistic Development of our students. IIMTS UK’s multidisciplinary programmes are at par with international standards, offering flexibility featured in the curriculum. They constantly update programmes and course content to meet the challenge of grooming professionals and making them industry ready by equipping them with the required technical and soft skills. They offer blended learning by using e-learning with regular classroom learning with special focus on corporate readiness for career progression. IIIMTS UK lay strong emphasis on research so that the students gain higher technical and scientific competence, that is benchmarked with global standards and this will give an edge to our Gujarat University Students over other university students.

Our idea is to create opportunities, for our students, in various fields by incorporating latest specialties of learning, which would cater to the critical needs of the industry and economy. We have ensured that the curriculum designed for our joint certification program ensuring fostering of our students by global academicians, industries experts, entrepreneurs in modelling the content and skills. Thru this Joint Certification Program, our endeavour is to give an added flavour of corporate grooming, industry readiness and managerial maturity to our students along with our academic learning so that it results in better employability and greater productivity ultimately contributing to the nation’s economy.

Our students are our brand ambassadors and I am sure this Joint Certification Program with the globally acclaimed IIMT Studies Ltd UK will definitely enhance the brand equity of our students.

I welcome IIMTS UK, to the family of Gujarat University and look forward to their value addition to the development of our students.

I am sure, the students of our Gujarat University will welcome this new unique initiative of our Academic and HRDC Team. I wish all students take maximum benefits for their own development thru this program which will be conducted by corporate executives and launch themselves in the corporate world with an edge.

– Prof Dr H A Pandya
Vice Chancellor
Gujarat University


In this evolving world knowledge and competence will remain key resources around the globe however the dynamics of the fast-changing world compels academicians and academic institutes to expand learning horizons of student to keep them competitive. The academic institutes, in this changing environment, cannot survive if they remain focused only on prescribed academic curriculum. The institutes must equip their students with more with be the best possible skills to overcome all threats and challenges they face in their career path.

We at Gujarat University, were committed to provide quality education to young formative mind however in changing competitive environment, we decided to add emphasis to nurture their mind too, so as to enable them to think critically, developing interdisciplinary collaborative skills with hands on engagement, so that when they knock at the corporate doors, the corporate world extends their welcoming hands.

For this we needed collaborate with the experts and institutions with proven track record and IIMT Studies Ltd., UK is one of them. We could find in them an appropriate global partner whom we can assign responsibilities of Corporate Grooming and Professional Development of our students.

After having a look at the curriculum to be delivered our confidence has further strengthened and today, I can confidently say that the program content of our Joint Certification Program is highly value adding yet very affordable for every student.

I am sure Gujarat University is going to set a new trend in collaboration with our Corporate Learning Partner IIMT Studies Ltd., UK, for other universities to follow. The students of our own Gujarat University are really privileged to have this program specially designed for them by a global organization. We have ensured that this course is affordable and on no profit no loss basis. The best part of this course is that the students will get connected with the corporate world where they plan to land after their academic programs and this connect should immensely benefit them. I wish all our students a happy learning and a bright career ahead.

– Dr Jagdish Bhavsar
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Gujarat University


 A famous British politician and author from the 19th century – Benjamin Disraeli, once said ‘A University should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning’. Centuries later this dictum still inspires me, and I believe, it takes innovative ideas, improved product range and committed management to build successful institutions

There has been a great spurt in the number of universities and colleges catering to millions of aspirants. In fact, this has been a very important moment for us, at Gujarat University, in taking important and far reaching decisions to provide what is much needed for the students of the country. We at Gujarat University are aware of the vision of our Hon Prime Minister to make our country, a knowledge based super power in the next decade two. With this in view, we have stepped in to meet the present-day academic milieu for the student community. The idea is to create opportunities in various fields by incorporating latest specialties of learning, which would cater to the critical needs of the industry and economy. The needs of the industries is changing rapidly in more than one ways which in turn have a profound impact on the roles of academic institutions like Gujarat University. One of the impacts is to create a congenial environment for a holistic and all-round development of students thru some innovative learning platforms and programs thru an external expert in respective area.

The Joint Certification Program in Competency Enhancement is one such unique initiative under the leadership of our Hon Vice Chancellor Prof Dr H A Pandya. This unique program is designed in collaboration with industry experts under the banner of IIMT Studies Ltd. UK which has got an expertise of such programs. IIMTS UK is an award-winning institute and has been associated as knowledge partner with The M S University of Vadodara, the corporate body CII Chennai and Management Institutions like BDMA. The icing on the cake is few selected students fulfilling merit requirements will be getting an opportunity of a 05 days learning opportunity thru globally acclaimed faculties in London UK at no extra cost, as a bonus, under this program.

It’s really a great opportunity for our students that such global learning thru a blended learning model on a virtual platform is available at the doorstep. I would advise our students to grab this opportunity with both their hands and make the best out of it.

I am very pleased to be part of the core committee under our Hon Vice Chancellor to monitor and drive this unique program and I am sure our students will make the best out of this opportunity and start their corporate career with an advantage over other students.

– Prof Dr Jagdish Joshi
Gujarat University

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