Certification Programme In Project Planning And Management

Certification Course
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Course Summary

The Certification Programme in PPM is designed for the student and working professionals aspiring for career progression in Construction, Projects or Manufacturing, Service and Retail sectors. This course aims to help following professionals to enhance proficiency & productivity in their work and outcome :
  • Civil & Construction Industries.
  • Manufacturing and Service Sector
  • Retail & Hospitality Industries,
  • IT and Automation Industries.


Certified Course


Certified Course 2 Year



Certification Programme In Project Planning And Management

Eligibility Criteria

Any professional with 10 ( SSC or SSLC) + Diploma course from any recognized institute or university for higher education with 02 years of relevant work experience related to this course stream.

Any professional with 10 + 2 + 01 year of experience is required in manufacturing- service or retails sector.

10 + 2 + 03 ( Any undergraduate ) with no experience

Proficiency in Computer Skills – M S Office , Internet Operations and Studies on Virtual Platforms.

Fluency in English equivalent to IELTS Band 4 minimum .

Course Modules

Syllabus and Curriculum/Unit specification :


Learn what project planning & management is.


The qualities of an effective project manager.


Understand the knowledge areas of project management and how they can be applied to your project.


Discover the stages of a project & deliverables expected of Project.


Identify a project’s key stakeholders.


Attain risk assessment , management & mitigation skills.


Learn how to organize project activities by creating a Work-Breakdown Structure and also allocation of tasks & roles.


Create a network diagram to track your project’s progress.


Learn Budgeting, Review and Estimation Techniques.


Benefits :

Learning Outcome

The certification programme aims to achieve following learning attainment at the end of the programme:
1. Develop / sharpen or enhance competency to decode global business strategies and international management practices and functional strategies to drive organizational growth or change.
2. Benchmark current organizational products, processes, service delivery etc with global standards to meet with expectations of international market and consumer/ customer.
3. To develop / update understanding of tolls and framework of Strategic Business Management.
4. Upgrade or develop competencies to mobilise and utilize financial, human and material resources optimally to enhance effectiveness in operations.
5. Develop and build competencies to take strategies, business plans, business processes and policies to ensure effective governance model.
6. Develop and enhance insight to understand and create growth strategies in every situation to keep organization to remain competitive and adaptable to demands and challenges of global market.
7. Enhance Analytical skills to ensure conflict resolution, risk assessment and decision making leading to achievement of short term and long term organizational goals.
8. Help to acquire skills of data driven and fact based, objective problem solving thru innovative and out of box ideas and thinking.
9. Ability to create a vision and long term goals and inspire, involve and engage human resource to become part of the same.
10. To create processes, policies and service models leading to competitive and congenial work environment.

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Certification Programme In Project Planning And Management

Additional Information

  1. Live Classes – Class Room Learning

    The course will have 108 hours theory classes which can be attended in class room or thru virtual platforms. The classrooms will require the projector/computers to show the online classes.

    Each class will have 45 to 50 minutes of learning over a period of 36 weeks as explained earlier in this document.

    The learning delivery will be ensured thru experienced qualified professionals from academics & corporate sectors.

    The lectures will be available in recorded form and will be shared on demand from students.

    The course reading material for each lecture will be share in soft form to students on their respective portal account.

  2. Course Material

    Each subject will have it’s reading material in form of an e document & will be shared with student at regular interval after the lecture on that topic.

    The examination & assessment will be based on this course material which contains the theoretical information on the topic.

  3. Link of Related Videos

    Apart from the core subject and theory , the students will get a benefit of learning thru video clips on some of the topics.

    The video clips will help students to understand the difficult theoretical concepts in form of an interesting story line.

The classroom lectures & course material will be in English Language as the corporate world mostly use English as the first preference.

The course supporting video material will be in English as well as Hindi for the comfort of the Student.

The examination will be conducted in English language.

The faculties will be drawn from Corporate Sector & the Academy field.

The repeat lectures will be recorded lectures.

The assessment & certification process will be carried out by IIMT Studies Ltd. UK , online .

The minimum % for clearing the assessment successfully will be 50 % overall however the minimum marks for passing subject will be 40%.

Top 6 students will be identified & sponsored by IIMT Studies Ltd. to learn Global Work environment & to develop the leadership qualities from international faculty at London (UK) subject to meet the minimum qualifying criteria. The selected bunch of students will travel to London with no extra cost except valid visa cost, on their pocket. Students will go for five days in London; where they will have the opportunity to study in London, explore the international business culture, global job market and the exploration of the foreign culture. The international study dates will be thrice in a year. Every module will have one UK study tour, subject to the fulfilment of the UK study tour Criteria.

The UK tour dates shall be declared once all the requirements are fulfilled.

Minimum batch enrolments should not be less than 1000.

The selection of the students will merit-based and based on the recommendation of the selection committee.

The students must obtain a valid visa to travel to the UK. Valid passport and a valid visa will be students’ responsibility.


This is a non-regulated, non-credit bearing programme. The objective of these courses is to enhance the learner’s capability to the international business standards.

Yes, there will be an assessment and online assessments every learner will have to take in order to receive the certificate from the IIMT Studies Ltd.

After completion of assessment successfully, a learner can receive the certificates in their portal account virtually. Only the soft copy (printable) of the certificate for all learners.
All learners attend lectures online, conducted virtually. Students will interact with faculties post lectures through the medium of chat and tickets.
The cost of the course includes the learner’s registration charges.
Learners will be able to receive the certificate from IIMT Studies Ltd.


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