Course Overview

Course Type Certificate Course
Category Management
Course Duration 3 Months

Course Summary

Cut throat global competition, scarcity of skilled and competent talent, advancement of technology and automation, complexity of market and increasing customer’s expectations have made the role of the Leader of any organization complex and dynamic. The leader is required to be The Game Changer. The role of the leader in any organization is to achieve goals, growth thru effective governance model. Strong and effective leaders need to possess and develop a mix of soft and hard skills that drives change and transformation through people. Even if a professional has borne with natural leadership skills, it’s very essential and critical to develop and fine-tune leadership skills to be effective, result oriented and successful. This Global
Leadership Certification Programme will groom the professional to shape him / her into the leader who drive the organization successfully in all situations and ensure desired goals , growth and governance. In nutshell this certification programme will focus on following three aspects :
1. Building Vision, Mission and Setting Goals
2. Strategy and Operations and
3. Leadership Skills and Competencies

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Eligibility Criteria

1) The professional should be in a senior or mid management role -level and should be responsible or will be responsible in near future for resource management, goal setting, people and or resource management, operations management , service delivery to customer and is able to influence decision making process in the organization.

2) Top executives like Head of The function, CEO, Senior Consulting Role or any such position which is pivotal strategic role and who is driving the organisation’s business and is playing an important role in strategy formulation and execution.

3) Any professional who is in to strategic position or plans to launch a start up and wants to sharpen the strategic skills to unlock and drive disruptive growth of his or her organization.

4) Entrepreneurs , start-up owners , Principals of small and medium sized organizations who plans growth path for their firms.

What you'll study


Syllabus and Curriculum/Unit specification :
  • Introduction to Strategic Management & Strategic Leadership.
  • Aligning Leadership, Strategy, Vision and Culture.
  • Corporate Processes and Governance.
  • Corporate and Business Communication.
  • Corporate Vision, Mission and Goal Setting.
  • Assessing and Upgrading Organization and it’s Culture.
  • Resource Management and Operational Excellence.
  • Conflict Management & Decision Making.
  • Decoding Consumer Behaviour and Market Segmentation.
  • Creating a sustainable Organization and Business model.
  • Understanding Global Economy and Challenges.
  • Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Change Management & Transformation.
  • Business Risk Assessment & Mitigation.
  • Leading in VUCA ( Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.
  • Global Benchmarking.

Course Benefit

Salient Features:
This programme has been designed for the professionals in leadership role and also for those who are aspiring to take the leadership challenges head on in near future. The salient features of this unique programme are as follows:

1. The programme curriculum has been designed by top professionals who have been in to top leadership positions in renowned and leading corporates and have transformed organization through turbulent period.
2. This programme aims to develop, strengthen, specialized skills, competence and knowledge to lead people, lead change, build winning teams, set goals and vision, risk assessment and mitigation, strategic decision making and drive growth in any situation.
3. The programme offers simulations based and situation based learning apart from conceptual learning.
4. The programme offers challenging situations to the participant to think out of box on a difficult and turbulent situation.
5. The programme offers global curriculum that prepares the participants for future leadership challenges, globally.

Pedagogy :
  • Learning thru virtual live classrooms.
  • Recorded video lecture on LMS to ensure learning at ease of the participant.
  • Reading notes and reference reading created by corporate leaders and experts.
  • Live interactive sessions with CEOs / Presidents / Vice Presidents of renowned corporates, on demand by the student.
  • Simulations and Activity Based Learning.
  • Business Case Studies Analysis.
  • Live brainstorming on real life leadership situations.
  • Capstone Project.
  • Need based mentoring and coaching sessions by corporate leaders.
Quality assurance process:
Internal and External Quality assurance process Pedagogy:
1. Learning thru virtual live classrooms.
2. Recorded video lecture on LMS to ensure learning at ease of the participant.
3. Reading notes and reference reading created by corporate leaders and experts.
4. Live interactive sessions with CEOs / Presidents / Vice Presidents of renowned corporates, on demand by the student.
5. Simulations and Activity Based Learning.
6. Business Case Studies Analysis.
7. Live brainstorming on real life leadership situations.
8. Capstone Project.
9. Need based mentoring and coaching sessions by corporate leaders.

Add-on benefits :
All successful professionals will be eligible for the Premier Student Membership of IIMT Studies Ltd UK which will earn them reward points enabling them to have free learning thru webinars for the next 24 months and scholarship in fees for other courses conducted by IIMT Studies Ltd.
Learning Outcome:
The certification programme aims to achieve following learning attainment at the end of the programme:
1. Develop / sharpen or enhance competency to decode global business strategies and international management practices and functional strategies to drive organizational growth or change.
2. Benchmark current organizational products, processes, service delivery etc with global standards to meet with expectations of international market and consumer/ customer.
3. To develop / update understanding of tolls and framework of Strategic Business Management.
4. Upgrade or develop competencies to mobilise and utilize financial, human and material resources optimally to enhance effectiveness in operations.
5. Develop and build competencies to take strategies, business plans, business processes and policies to ensure effective governance model.
6. Develop and enhance insight to understand and create growth strategies in every situation to keep organization to remain competitive and adaptable to demands and challenges of global market.
7. Enhance Analytical skills to ensure conflict resolution, risk assessment and decision making leading to achievement of short term and long term organizational goals.
8. Help to acquire skills of data driven and fact based, objective problem solving thru innovative and out of box ideas and thinking.
9. Ability to create a vision and long term goals and inspire, involve and engage human resource to become part of the same.
10. To create processes, policies and service models leading to competitive and congenial work environment.
Certification & Award :
  • Minimum 60 % of overall marks is a pre- requisite to obtain Certificate for this course.
  • The professional must compete 60 % of learning thru live or recorded lectures – the attendance will be monitored thru live virtual classes or through Learning Management System (LMS) if learning is thru recorded lectures.
  • Up on successful completion of the course, complying required learning conditions, the professional will be eligible for a Global Certificate from IIMT Studies Ltd.