Health Safety and Environment Policy

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Health Safety Environment Policy
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Executive Sales and Administration
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Chairman, IIMT Studies Ltd
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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

IIMT Studies Ltd is fully committed to providing, so far as is reasonably practicable, a quality working environment that poses no risks to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the community and stakeholders.

The health and safety of employees and the public and the protection of the environment are core business objectives for IIMT STUDIES LTD, ranking equally with the company’s other business objectives. Health, Safety and Environmental (“HSE”) risks associated with the business practices of IIMT STUDIES LTD are identified, assessed and mitigated through the effective implementation of our HSE Policy.

The HSE Policy is designed to make sure that:

Every person who works for IIMT STUDIES LTD is responsible for ensuring that health and safety are managed in all aspects of our business.

IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE targets are:

Get it right, first time, every time with no accidents, no harm to people or to the environment.

To achieve the identified targets, we will ensure that the necessary resources are made available. We will confirm that we meet objectives by reviewing, reporting and improving our performance, and by auditing the implementation and operation of IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE Management System.

IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE framework and objectives:

  • Accidents can be prevented, and our ultimate goal is to have zero accidents and safe work environment. We will strive to meet this target, ensuring (as far as is reasonably practicable) the health, welfare, safety and security of our employees, contractors, students who visit the premise periodically and people likely to be affected by our activities, and ensuring we protect the environment.
  • Promote a positive HSE culture through visible commitment and communication.
  • Endeavour to continually improve our HSE performance through a systematic and proactive approach, which includes: setting objectives and targets, performing regular audits and reviews, and actively seeking stakeholder feedback.
  • Comply with all applicable local, national, or European Union statutory requirements at our site, whichever requirement is the most stringent.
  • Reduce the impact of the company’s activities on the environment, in order to prevent or minimise damage, discharges, excessive waste and harmful emissions.
  • Install and operate, properly designed and engineered facilities, plant and equipment, and maintain them in a safe condition.
  • Maintain effective contingency plans adequate to meet all of the identified emergency scenarios.
  • Seek improvements in the performance of our activities by implementing IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE Management System and assigning responsibility and accountability for the Organisation, activities and arrangements to implement IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE Policy.
  • Apply risk management processes ensuring that any work undertaken does not involve unacceptable or uncontrolled risk to personnel or to the environment
  • Ensure that safe working conditions are provided, and safe procedures are followed at all locations to protect employees, contractors and the public.
  • Empower all personnel to stop work if they believe that they or anyone else are at risk in carrying out their tasks.
  • Involve the workforce through effective training, participation and consultation, and providing an effective system of communication throughout the company.
  • Report and investigate accidents and incidents, including those with the potential to result in injury to employees, harm to the environment or damage to the Organisation’s property. We will employ effective systems for monitoring performance, auditing and review in relation to health, safety, environment and quality.
  • Utilise contractors whom themselves can demonstrate a level of commitment to IIMT STUDIES LTD’s HSE Policy and to recognised HSE standards.

It is the responsibility of all of IIMT STUDIES LTD’s directors, managers, staff and consultants to comply with this Policy.

Foreword by the Chair of the Board of Trustees The Chairman at the Institution has the ultimate responsibility for health and safety at the office and takes its role in this regard very seriously. The health and safety of the Institute’s staff, students and visitors is of paramount importance and the members of the Board embrace our health and safety responsibilities. The Board provides leadership in the development of health and safety strategy, and makes every effort to meet our legal duties for the health and safety of employees and others affected by the Institute’s activities. The Organisation’s aim is for a continually improving system of health and safety management that drives the company ever closer to zero reportable accidents.

The company aims to achieve this by:

  • Providing leadership;
  • Having a formal role in developing health and safety strategy;
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are provided to meet the strategy;
  • Ensuring that all its decisions reflect the Statement of Health and Safety Policy;
  • Supporting the active participation of all employees in improving health and safety;
  • Monitoring health and safety performance; and
  • Formally reviewing health and safety performance.

The HR of the company has been formally delegated a series of responsibilities relating to health and safety. These include the review of an annual report on Health and Safety performance; the setting of health and safety objectives; the regular receipt and action of reports on progress; and the monitoring of a series of key performance indicators selected by the Board. Operational responsibility for health and safety is delegated by the President of the HR of the Group. The President is responsible for implementing and maintaining a health and safety management system and for the organisational arrangements necessary to fulfil the requirements of this Policy. The Policy applies to all employees and students, including those travelling in the UK or overseas; to all premises owned by, used by, or under the control of the company; and to all activities related to the functioning of the company. The company seeks to create and maintain a stimulating and vibrant working environment that promotes excellence in academic activity and its professional services. It is a fundamental principle that such a working environment should be safe and without risks to health, and it is imperative that all parties follow the requirements of this Policy.

All the stakeholders are also abiding to follow the HSE policy of the Building premise of Havelock Hub, 14 Havelock Place, Harrow, HA1 1LJ.

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